Alt Light “Cuck” Knight Clashes With Southern Confederates Over Racism in New Orleans

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By William Hicks | 1:05 pm, May 8, 2017
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A rather confusing tussle went down at the protests this weekend in New Orleans. A coalition of groups came together to protest the city’s decision to remove various Confederate monuments including one of General Robert E. Lee.

While disagreement and conflict was to be expected between the pro and anti-monument camps, there was a bizarre bit of infighting. An allegedly “alt right” affiliated man dressed in knight’s armor attacked a group called the League of the South, a Southern conservative group dedicated to states rights and southern independence.

Before the tussle, as you see from the video, the knight is chanting USA, while the confederates are chanting CSA, presumably for “Confederate States of America.”

According to Alt Right Report (the guy who shot the video) the knight became disgruntled and knocked over some Confederate battle flags. Apparently he has a biracial son and the flags and the racism at the event upset him.The knight had traveled all the way from Los Angeles to New Orleans to defend the monument.

Knocking down the flags lead to a disagreement with the southerners, which led the knight to lunge at them. He then got beaten down. He was summarily defeated and the fight ended with him on the ground with a bloody face.

After the scuffle, the knight left briefly, cleaned himself up and returned to the protest beside the same people who had just kicked his ass.

Many alt righters are speculating the knight, referred to on social media as the “Cuck Knight” was an infiltrator or paid agitator but there is no hard evidence to support that assertion, although he can be heard in this video saying “black lives matter.”

The fight boils down to a disagreement between “civic nationalism” and identitarianism or one between the alt light and the “real” alt right. A civil nationalist like the Cuck Knight believes in country first, which includes all the nations citizens. Indetitarians like the League of the South believe in identity first, in this case white people.

White nationalist and coiner of the term alt right Richard Spencer weighed in on the scuffle.

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