Twitter Temporarily Suspends Its CEO Jack Dorsey, Who Totally Deserved It

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By Lukas Mikelionis | 9:07 pm, November 22, 2016

Twitter is taking its pledge seriously to tackle hate speech on its platform: the latest casualty is no other than embattled Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey himself, who saw his account mysteriously suspended for about 20 minutes before it was reinstated.

Dorsey briefly joined the brigade of outspoken conservatives (and an account dedicated to women’s rights in Saudi Arabia) who have seen their free speech privileges temporarily or permanently banned on Twitter. Twitter’s support account @TwitterSupport was suspended as well.


It remains unclear what caused Dorsey’s suspension. It might have been a targeted mass-reporting attack that triggered the suspension, or perhaps it had something to do with all the disgruntled shareholders frustrated by his inability to fix his flailing company.

Whatever the reason, the news that the outspokenly liberal and ban-happy CEO disappeared from the platform caused jubilation on Twitter, with many turning to jokes after he was reinstated with just over 100 followers:

Sucks to be suspended for no reason, right, Jack?