5 Social Justice Warriors Who Make America Proud

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By William Hicks | 1:42 pm, July 1, 2016

The screams of SJWs on social media are the (clean) coal to power this great nation. What would we do if there was no one out there to nitpick the racist implications of Disney movies, tell Stephen Colbert to cancel his show, or feed Lena Dunham? We’d be a shadow of the country we once were.

So in honor of the 4th of July, we at Heat Street salute the valiant SJWs that make our country the shining city on the hill the founding fathers (and mothers!) intended it to be.


1. Jonathan McIntosh

Anita Sarkeesian’s former Feminist Frequency partner, Jonathan McIntosh, has such high levels of internalized misandry, it’s surprising he hasn’t castrated himself yet.

When McInotsh is not ranting about toxic masculinity and Bernie Sanders, he’s helping rally the online hate mob against feminist director Joss Wedon (and good friend of Anita Sarkeesian). McIntosh thought Scarlett Widow’s budding relationship with the Hulk in Avengers 2 was sexist for some reason and raged against the film on social media while encouraging others to join in.

Here’s a good breakdown of McIntosh’s insanity by Joe Rogan.


2. Brienne of Snarth

Brienne of Snarth is the anonymous feminist tweeter who reveled in the death of a toddler by an alligator, basically because he was white. She called the child a “gator snack” and chastised the father’s white male privilege for allowing his son to wade into the water.




3. This UCLA feminist triggered at a Milo event

Milo Yiannopoulos’ presence on her campus triggered a rage so intense, the adrenaline gave her the power to hurl this trash can a full meter.


4. The Dreadlock police

This San Fransisco State University student really doesn’t like white people with dreads. But instead of laughing at him and calling him a dirty hippie, like a normal person, she decides to physically assault him.


5. Milo Stewart

Milo Stewart, the non-binary, trans, asexual, aromantic q*eer Youtuber, is probably one of the most disliked people the site, even among transgender people. His mantra of “all white people are racist, all men are misogynistic, and all cisgender people are transphobic” for some reason manages to piss a bunch of people off.

But you keep doing you, Milo, and help America be the great, politically correct, and bitterly divided society we always knew it could be.