The Most Social Justicy Social Justice Warriors

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By William Hicks and Staff | 10:56 am, April 30, 2016

No one knows where they came from, only that they are all around us. On Tumblr, college campuses or protesting outside a Trump rally, social justice warriors are an amusing yet troubling fixture of American life. To them, everything is racist or sexist or ableist or body shaming and the outrage never ends.

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Here are Heat Street’s first batch of all-stars. The A team of social justice virtue signaling. There will be more….

Arthur Chu

Known for playing Game Theory on Jeopardy!, Chu parlayed the dizzy heights of quiz show contestant to… well, not very much really. Today he’s principally known as a Twitter troll of the gamers in the Gamergate movement.  His Twitter header shows himself with Alex Trebek. A bit like that guy in ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ for whom it’s always 1982. Chu fancies himself a feminist, and has come up with such truly great Delta-male tweets as

Don’t! No! We care about Chu!


 Big Red

If you can make it through this entire video, there is a very likely chance you are deaf. Big Red burst out into the scene at a 2013 Men’s Rights rally at the University of Toronto. She also has the grand distinction of making Men’s Rights Advocates look like sane people.


AIDS Skrillex (The internet’s name not mine)

AIDS Skrillex achieved internet memeification following his brilliant performance at the Chicago Trump rally. Armed with his greatest insult, “white male,” he tears into those Trump supporter by correctly identifying their race and gender.



Either he’s a social justice warrior or just a normal hippie dosed with a particularly gnarly batch of LSD.


 Melissa Click

Click was eventually fired for her behavior in this video. It’s not a great look for a media studies professors to call muscle on the media.

And if you thought she just used her powers of justice on the lowly student reporters, here she is yelling profanity at police officers.


Triggly Puff

The newest addition to the SJW heavy hitters. Triggly puff made waves with her toddler level tantrum during a Christina Sommers speech. Skip to 1:38 for peak triggering.