Zara Slammed For Using Super Skinny Models in ‘Love Your Curves’ Campaign

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By Heat Street Staff | 10:43 am, March 2, 2017

High-street giant Zara has drawn the ire of shoppers after featuring two super skinny models in an ad promoting jeans for ‘full-figured’ women.

The ad campaign, titled  ‘Love Your Curves’, shows two petite models donning the brand’s curvy denim.

It was spotted by an Irish radio personality named Muireann O’Connell on an in-store sign in Dublin.

She then tweeted a photo of the ad to her thousands of online followers, with the accompanying caption: “You have got to be s****ing me, Zara.”

Her post quickly went viral, and ended up being retweeted over 8,500 by disgruntled shoppers who highlighted the brand’s obliviousness.

“*sigh* this is the sort of thing that makes my 15 year old, size 8 daughter think she’s fat” lamented a frustrated mother.

One user, @MarcositoW joked that this was the visual equivalent of saying “All Curves Matter.”

“Really Zara? I’ve seen more curls on a EU approved banana!” a woman by the name of Charlotte Andrews wrote.

Another commenter, @emptyjamjar suggested that Zara was perhaps “doing irony” while @DALIAMALEK wondered if the campaign was supposed to be “a cautionary tale.”

After some commenters criticized O’Connell for berating women, she later clarified that her comment was not directed at the models themselves but at Zara’s marketers, who had “distorted their image & f***ed up.”

She later added: “How didn’t anyone on their marketing team go … ‘Lads, lads, how about we don’t p*** people off?’”

Zara could not immediately be reached for comments.

This isn’t the first time that the Spanish retail giant has come under fire for a lack of sensitivity.

In 2014, Zara was raked over the coals for selling a T-shirt that looked like the ones worn by prisoners in Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust. The T-shirt featured blue stripes and a six-pointed yellow ‘badge’ which looked eerily like the Star of David badge used by Nazis to mark Jews in public.

A week before, another T-shirt,  this time with the slogan “White is the new black” was pulled from shelves after fuming fashionistas denounced the message as racist.