United Passenger Stung By Scorpion That Fell From Overhead Lockers

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By Heat Street Staff | 7:47 am, April 14, 2017
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As if this week’s PR debacle wasn’t enough, United Airlines has hit headlines again after a Canadian passenger was stung by a scorpion on one of its flights that apparently fell from an overhead bin.

Richard Bell was traveling with his wife Linda from Houston to Calgary on Sunday when the eight-legged arachnid landed on his head.

“I look down and I thought, ‘aw, it kind of looks like a little lobster” he told Global News. 

Bell pulled it off his hair when another passenger pointed out that the honey-haired creature was a scorpion and could be dangerous.

“So I dropped it on my plate and then I went to pick it up again, and that’s when it stung me,” Bell said. “It got my nail, mostly.”

The man flicked the creature on the ground before someone stepped on it. The cabin crew then picked it up and flushed it in one of the aircraft’s toilet.

It’s unclear how the venomous creature got on the plane but it was likely a stowaway that sneaked into someone’s luggage.

A spokesman for United told CNBC that the flight crew immediately contacted  a physician on the ground to provide guidance after the plane landed in Calgary,

The company said the man’s sting was not considered life-threatening.

Bell ‘s wife told CNN that the airline reached out to them on Wednesday to apologize and offered the couple monetary compensation for the inconvenience, although she refused to elaborate on the terms.

The incident happened on the same day that the airline sparked outrage for dragging a passenger off the plane to make room for an employee.

Public backlash was so strong that it caused the company’s stock to plummet, prompting CEO Oscar Munoz to refund all passengers who had seen the man being booted out.