Trump Fans Are Boycotting Pepsi Over Comments CEO Never Made

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By Nahema Marchal | 8:07 am, November 17, 2016

Angry Donald Trump fans are calling for a total boycott of PepsiCo over insulting comments the company’s CEO never made.

Donald Trump supporters have taken to Twitter chastising PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi for allegedly telling them “to take their business elsewhere” — comments that she never actually made, implicitly or explicitly.

Ms Nooyi, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter (her daughter was even a field operator for the Clinton campaign in Iowa in 2008) however did make clear that her employees were “traumatized” after learning Donald Trump had clinched the presidential election during a New York Times DealBook conference on Thursday.

She said she had spent last Wednesday consoling her distraught colleagues, answering their questions and promising that she would not allow President-elect Trump to target them in anyway.

“We should mourn for those of us who supported the other side, but we have to come together,” she said.

That didn’t stop supporters of the President-elect from attacking her for “anti-Trump” stance.

“I will never buy another Pepsi product again for the rest of my life, congratulations,” wrote one user below the Youtube video of the event.

“PepsiCo CEO needs to resign after anti-Trump comments. We will continue to boycott products till a resignation” said another Twitter user.

PepsiCo is the latest in a string of companies targeted by Trump supporters this week over their views on the new president elect. Last week, GrubHub’s CEO came under fire for suggesting anyone within the company who agreed with Donald Trump “hateful” and “nationalist” rhetoric should resign immediately.

Lifestyle brand New Balance, on the other hand, is boding well. Alluding to trade partnerships, New Balance’s vice president of public affairs Matthew LeBretton told the Wall Street Journal in an interview that it welcomed a Trump presidency  as it would support more US manufacturing. This prompted some alt-right websites like the Daily Stormer to proclaim New Balance the “Official Shoes of White People”.

And because everyone takes things very literally these days, long time Democratic New Balance devotees also called for a boycott, declaring their relationship with the brand over.