‘Shameless’ Solution: Emmy Rossum Resolves Showtime Equal Pay Dispute

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By Heat Street Staff | 3:22 pm, December 14, 2016

Emmy Rossum tweeted that she is back on board Shameless  and will be filming the eighth season of the Showtime dramedy in May.

Which begs the question: Did the star of Shameless achieve salary parity with male lead William H. Macy?

The Hollywood Reporter disclosed recently that Rossum was not only seeking equal pay with her male co-star from Showtime and the Shameless producer Warner Bros. Television for the new series but requesting that she be paid more per episode than Macy because she deserved back pay.

Filming on Shameless was reputedly being held up because of Rossum’s unusual demands. Both are mainstays of the show but Macy, 66, boasts a more extensive CV than 30-year-old Rossum — best known before Shameless for playing Christine in the movie version of The Phantom of the Opera — and therefore he has always been the highest paid member of the cast.

Yet the salary stand-off was threatening to become as fractious as the chaotic relations onscreen between the Gallagher family in Shameless, which is one of the jewel’s in Showtime’s crown along with The Affair and Homeland. The premium cable network is even more desperate for the show to succeed since it cancelled three series this year.

Macy told TMZ he approved of Rossum’s demands, saying “It’s about f*cking time, don’t you think?”