Nail Salon Blasted For Charging Extra For Fat Customers

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By Dana McCauley | 5:53 am, March 20, 2017

A nail salon has been blasted on social media over its policy for overweight customers.

“Sorry, but if you are overweight, pedicure will be $45 due to service fees for pedicurists,” read a sign allegedly snapped at the Memphis, Tennessee beauty shop.

Customer Deshania Ferguson posted the image on Facebook, prompting outrage from followers who labelled the sign “rude and distasteful”.

“Tell their staff to lift weights,” suggested beautician friend Saquoia Seaberry, who said while she could understand the sentiment behind the policy, “I’d never post a sign that’s so rude and distasteful”.

“I’m a small woman so I struggle lifting up the heavy legs of clients [but] it’s apart of the business, accommodate the clients.” (sic)

A nail salon in Tennessee has been criticised over its policy for overweight customers.
A nail salon in Tennessee has been criticized over its policy for overweight customers.Source:Facebook

Another pedicurist wrote: “I do nails and I don’t charge extra for weight; I charge extra for extra crust, dead skin.”

The owner of the salon vehemently denied putting up the sign, but admitted he had a special policy for overweight customers.

He told local television station WREG that he had decided not to service customers who were severely overweight, as it was difficult for technicians to give them pedicures — and that they sometimes broke his expensive pedicure chairs, costing him thousands of dollars.

Reporter Shay Arthur showed the salon owner a picture of the sign in a salon with matching floors and chairs, but he insisted that “it could be anywhere”, while admitting that some customers were upset by his policy against serving obese customers.

The sign was not visible when the television station visited. The owner said men had to pay $5 extra because they didn’t come to the salon as often.

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