HACK CHECK: New York Times Seeking ‘Gender Editor’

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By Heat Street Staff | 3:53 pm, August 26, 2016

Are you concerned that women make less than men? Do you fear that women in Hollywood are treated horribly? Were you moved that female athletes with Team USA so overshadowed their male counterparts in Rio?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “YES!,” then the New York Times wants to talk to you. America’s “Paper of Record,” which recently lamented mankind humankind’s discovery of fire because of its role in creating the patriarchy, is advertising for a new editor to cover “gender issues”.

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“We are seeking a journalist with a compelling vision of how to expand this coverage, from boardroom to bedroom, from the loftiest corridors of power to the back alleys of the world’s most impoverished villages,” the posting states. “We are looking for a creative, passionate leader to guide a cross-platform, global coverage vertical on the topic of gender and identity.”

Interested applicants are expected to submit some samples of their previous work—print as well as photography, video, audio and infographics– to the newspaper’s top editor himself, Dean Baquet. The position is one of three being added to the newsroom. Other editors are being sought to cover “climate change” and education.

The new positions are part of The Gray Lady’s effort to create a “reimagined newsroom” for the digital age. These coverage areas must be a huge priority to the Times, which is widely expected to be entering a new round of buyouts and lay-offs in coming months, and also has strongly suggested it’s going to pretty much end its New York City coverage.

Candidates are asked to consider such pressing questions as whether the paper should have a “signature voice” on the topic, what kinds of stories about gender the paper should avoid, and how the paper can develop a “deeply engaged community” around the coverage. If you want to make your mark at such a clearly unbiased, open-minded and free-thinking institution as the Times, then this is the job for you.

The position is a non-union one, by the way.