‘Grab Your Wallet’ Trump Boycott Expands, but Is It Actually Hurting Ivanka’s Business?

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By Emily Zanotti | 9:56 pm, November 17, 2016

Hillary Clinton supporters may have been unable to best Donald Trump at the ballot box, and may be looking at certain defeat in their quest to dismantle the Electoral College, but they think they may be able to hit Trump where it really hurts: the pocketbook.

Since last Tuesday, the hashtag #GrabYourWallet (a play on Trump’s “grabbing” Access Hollywood comments from 2005), has been gaining steam on Twitter, and now, its followers plan on boycotting around 50 companies with ties to Trump and the Trump family.

They even have a handy dandy spreadsheet for all of your Trump-boycotting needs.

Twitter activist Shannon Coulter is behind the “massive” boycott, which she says started in October, when she used the same hashtag to target Ivanka Trump’s clothing, jewelry and accessories line, after Ivanka refused to condemn her father’s misogynistic remarks.


Fast Company says that the Ivanka Trump brand has had a 54% decrease in “consumer interest” since the summer, but the line’s target demographic, millennial women, still say they support the brand. Fifty one percent told Morning Consult that they’d be “likely” or “extremely likely” to purchase the brand in the future.

As for the retailers on Coulter’s list, so far only Shoes.com, a Canadian footwear retailer, and Bellacor, an online discount furniture company, have officially removed Trump’s merchandise. Other retailers like Nordstrom, which faced a #GrabYourWallet letter-writing campaign, have declined to bow to pressure.

And judging by #GrabYourWallet’s Twitter timeline, a number of left-leaning Amazon customers are loathe to give up their Prime memberships, even if the retailer is #2 on Coulter’s list. And we doubt many Clinton voters are in the audience at the Ultimate Fighting Championships.